• 41The Turquoise Cup And The Desert , Arthur Cosslett Smith (1920)
    ""My lord,""said the cardinal,""if the cup were mine, I have a fancy that I would give it to you, with my blessing and my best wishes; but when you ask me to sell it to you, it is as though you asked… 1308 руб

  • 42The Magic Porridge Pot , Brothers Grimm (2007)
    This work contains four new titles in the fantastic "First Reading" series, aimed at children who are beginning to read. Luxurious hardback editions foster pride in book ownership and enthusiasm for… 573 руб

  • 43Stories of Flying , Lesley Sims (2007)
    The two popular titles in "Usborne Young Reading Series Two" are re-issued in luxurious hardback editions with ribbon markers. These are desirable and collectable editions to foster pride in book… 573 руб

  • 44A Midsummer Night's Dream , William Shakespeare (2011)
    HarperCollins is proud to present its new range of best-loved, essential classics.'My Oberon! what visions have I seen! Methought I was enamoured of an ass'. When four young lovers flee from Athens… 232 руб

  • 45Christine , Stephen King (2011)
    A supernatural tale about girlfriends, boyfriends and a car called Christine. Christine was eating into his mind, burrowing into his unconscious. Christine, blood-red, fat, and finned, was twenty… 655 руб

  • 46The Minotaur , Russell Punter (2009)
    This title is a new addition to "Young Reading Series One", part of the Usborne Young Reading Programme, based on the Greek myth, aimed at children just beginning to read to help build confidence and… 573 руб

  • 47The Lion and the Mouse , Mairi Mackinnon (2008)
    This is a new title in the fantastic "First Reading" series, aimed at children who are beginning to read. A tiny mouse disturbs King Lion's afternoon nap.'Don't kill me!'she begs.'Maybe I can save… 573 руб

  • 48Information , Luciano Floridi (2010)
    We live an information-soaked existence - information pours into our lives through television, radio, books, and of course, the Internet. Some say we suffer from'infoglut'. But what is information… 493 руб

  • 49The Last Juror , Grisham John (2004)
    In 1970, one of Mississippi's more colourful weekly newspapers, The Ford County Times, went bankrupt. To the surprise and dismay of many, ownership was assumed by a 23 year-old college drop-out… 720 руб

  • 50Messages 2: Workbook (+ CD-ROM) , Diana Goodey, Noel Goodey, David Bolton (2008)
    An attractive and innovative four - level course for lower-secondary students. In addition to extra practice of the language covered in the Student's Book, there are extension exercises for fast… 739 руб